Our Services

Strategic Advice

 Achieving results in the public sector necessitates a strategy tailored to the target audience, which may be both “grass tops” (lawmakers) and grassroots (constituents). We will help you design and implement a strategy that will put you in the best position to succeed.

Relationship Building

 A successful government affairs strategy requires relationships with public sector leaders. We call upon our numerous and close relationships with individuals in all government branches and levels to introduce your organization to the decision makers. 

Legal Services

 We provide reasonably-priced legal services to individuals,  non-profits and for-profits on real estate and land use matters, incorporation, labor and employment law issues, regulatory compliance and other areas. 


 With vast experience in public sector hearings—adjudicatory, legislative and quasi-judicial—Rubicon Strategies can represent and guide you through these often-confusing processes. 

Contracts & Negotiations

  Is your community-based organization entering contracts with managed care organizations, hospital networks or participating in value based purchasing agreements? Our knowledge of the field and experience in negotiating contracts will help you to achieve the best terms possible.

Political Committees

In our current political climate, it can be difficult for smaller, non-institutional voices to be heard. Participating in election-based politics can help amplify your cause. Rubicon Strategies can help you establish the appropriate political committee and provide advice to keep you from violating complicated City Campaign Finance Board, State Board of Elections and Federal Election Committee rules.